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Election Nodal Officer ten meeting nei

Nimin tlai dar 3 khan Pi Sangchhin Chinzah, District Election Officer hovin a pisaah Election Nodal Officer ten meeting an nei a, an hna chan-pual theuha hma an lak tawh dante thlir hovin, inbuatsaihna kalpui zel dan tur an sawi ho.

He meetingah hian District Election Officer chuan MLA inthlanpui atana inbuatsaihna kawngah a thawhpui Nodal Officerte inpekna a ropui a tih thu a sawi a. Chief Election Commissioner of India pawhin Mizoram state inbuatsaihna chu tha tawk an ti a, he dinhmun duhawm tak kan neih chhan hi inthlan buatsaihnaa mawhphurtu hrang hrangten kan hnate tha taka kan hlen vang ani, a ti a. Serchhip District a Nodal Officer te pawh an hna chanpualte an tihthat hlawm avanga lawmthu hrilhin, hmabak la awmte pawh tihpalh a awmloh nana fimkhur taka kalpui turin a chah a ni.

He meeting-ah hian Nodal Officer te chu an hna chanpual an thawh tawh chinte sawifiah tir niin an hmabakte uluk taka sawipui an ni.

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