Mizoram Politics

PRISM Party-in Champhai District-a an candidate tur te hming an puang

Prism party-in November ni 28-a Mizoram Assembly inthlanpui neih huna Champhai District-a an Party ticket-a ding tur mi 4 hming nimin khan an puang.

Candidate puanna inkhawm Upper Republic-a an Party Pisa-a neihah Champhai District President, Pu TBC Lalvenchhunga’n Champhai Distrct-a candidate turte hming hi a puang a, chung mite chu Lengteng bialah Pu C. Lalsawmliana, Tuichangah Pu Vanlalruata, Champhai North-ah Pu TBC Lalvenchhunga leh East Tuipuiah Pu H. Vanlalrova an ni. Candidate puan paha thutawi a sawiah Pu TBC Lalvenchhunga chuan, political party hrang hrangin inthlanpui hmachhawn tura an hmalakna tur an puan tawh leh an hmalak tawh dan a\angin Mizoram tana danglamna keng awmchhun chu PRISM Party chiah a ni tih a sawi a, tunah hian Mizoram mipuite chu danglamna duha an tuihal avangin danglamna thlen tur sorkar siam thei tur PRISM Party chuan hnehna an chang ngei dawn niin a sawi.

He inkhawma thusawitu dang, Prism President, Pu Vanlalruata pawhin, an pawl chuan nunna atana hlauhthawnawm khawpin eirukna an lo do tawh \hin niin a sawi a, sorkar-in dan lekkawh tlang ngam se chuan an hmalakna avangin eiruk hmang mi 300 vel zet man an ni tawh dawn niin a sawi a. Eiruk dona kawnga an hmalakna chu chhunzawm zel an tum thu a sawi bawk. Tuichang biala Prism ticket-a ding tura ruat Pu Vanlalruata hian Serchhip biala a din tur thu a lo sawi tawh a, an pawl President nibawk, Pu Vanlalruata chuan tihian bial 2-ah inthlan hi a chuh dawn ta a ni.

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