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Carabao Cup Fourth Round-a inkhel tur siamfel a ni

Carabao Cup Fourth Round-a inkhel turte siamfel a ni leh ta a, Chelsea chuan an home-ah Everton an lo mikhual ang a, Manchester United chu Swansea City khel turin an zin chhuak ang.

Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw-ah hian Arsenal an vannei leh a, team la dam zinga rank hniam ber, Championship-a 12-na Norwich chu Emirates Stadium-ah an lo mikhual leh dawn a, Manchester City pawhin Championship Club tho Wolves an hmachhawn dawn a, Tottenham leh West Ham te chuan London Derby khelin fifth round luh an inchuh dawn a ni.

Fifth Round hi October ni 23, 2017 kârah hian khelh tura ruahman a ni.

Carabao Fourth Round Draw:
Arsenal v Norwich City
Bournemouth v Middlesbrough
Bristol City v Crystal Palace
Chelsea v Everton
Leicester City v Leeds United
Man. City v Wolverhampton
Swansea City v Man. United
Tottenham v West Ham

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