Chanchinthar Infiamna

FIFA-in Leicester City dilna an hnâwlsak

FIFA chuan Leicester City-in an midfielder thar Adrien Silva register tura an dilna chu a hnâwlsak a, a chhan chu Leicester hian second 14-in deadline an bawhpelh vang a ni.

Leicester hian Sporting Lisbon aṭangin £22m-in Silva hi August ni 31-a Transger window khâr dawn ṭep khan an lalut a, Silva registration hi deadline chhungin an tifel hman lo hlek a, tuna FIFA thutlukna anga kalpui a nih chuan Leicester tan Silva hi January thla hma chu a khel thei dawn lo a ni. Hetihlai hian Leicester chuan he thutlukna hi khin lêt an tum dawn a ni.

Leicester City chuan Silva chu an nei ngei a, mahse an Club-ah January thla hma chu an register thei dawn si lova, hemi chhung hian Leicester City chuan a hlawh an pek ve reng a ngai tho dawn a, chuvangin Leicester City hian theihtawp an chhuah dawn a, an Club thupiangtu chuan, “Adrien leh Sporting Clube de Portugal te nen thawkho-in player registration kaihhnawih thil thleng te hi sutkian kan tum dawn a ni,” tiin a sawi.

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