Chanchinthar Mizoram

Fire & Emergency Training

Fire & Emergency Services Department chuan ni hnih awh tur ‘Training on sensitization of Fire Officers’ chu nimin khan Training Hall, Fire & Emergency Services Headquarters, Hunthar Veng Aizawl ah an ṭan.

He training ah hian tunhnaia Mizoram Legislative Assembly-in a passed tak ‘The Mizoram Fire Services Act, 2013’ chungchang inzirtirna an neih bakah kangmei laka invenhimna chungchang Aizawl Municipal Council Building Regulation 2012 leh National Building Code 2005 in In sak dawna tihtur a sawi zir chianna leh LPG chekkhawm leh hman dan chungchanga hriattur pawimawhte an zir a ni.

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