Chanchinthar Serchhip

Foreign Cigarette man

Mizoram State Anti Tobacco Day ni 11 September, 2017 lo thleng tur atana inbuatsaihna neiin nimin khan Serchhip District Anti Tobacco Squad leh Legal Metrology Department tangkawp chuan Thenzawlah squad drive an nei a, Foreign cigarette ṭhahnem tak an man.

He squad drive hian Thenzawl khaw chhunga dawr hrang hrangte an endik a, Foreign Cigarette bawmpui 88 chuang chu Sec 18 of Legal Metrology Act 2009 leh Rule 6 of Legal Metrology (Pakage Commodities Rules) 2011 tlawhchhanin an man a, heng cigarette te hi a ṭul anga dan hmanga tihral tur atan dah a ni a, dan phal lohva foreign cigarette zawrhte hi ngawrh leh-zuala dap chhuah zel tum a ni.

C.Lalrochhuanga, New Serchhip, Serchhip - 796181 Mizoram Contact: 8974286711

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