Telecommunication Deptt leh UIDAI-in thu diklo ti

Tunhnaia mobile number vaibelchhe 50 chuang tihtawp mai theih ni awma thuthang chu thudiklo a nih thu sawrkarin a sawi. New Delhi-a thuchhuah intawm an siamah Department of Telecommunications leh Unique Identification Authority of India, UIDAI chuan he thuthang hi rintlak a nih loh thu an sawi a.

He thuthang avang hian mobile hmangtu tamtak an chiai phah nia tarlan a ni a. Supreme Court pawhin a thutlukna siamah Adhaar Card hmanga mobile number neihte tihtawp a ni ang tih a sawi miahlo niin thuchhuahah hian tarlan a ni bawk.

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