Chanchinthar Zirna

INSPIRE Award sem tur vai liam

Mizoram District 8-a sem darh turin nimin khan INSPIRE Award chu Education Minister Pu Lalsawta’n SCERT Conference Hall-a inkhawm buatsaihah a vailiam.

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspire Research (INSPIRE) Award hmang hian zirlai ten an naupan tet atanga Science ngaih hlutna chang an hriat theihna turin zirlai te hnenah sumfai lawmman pek thin an ni a. Hlawm lian tak tak 3-ah ṭhenin Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent hmangin pawl sawm Board Exam-a titha zual hnenah `5000/- pek ṭhin an ni a; hlawm hnihna Scholarship for Higher Education chuan Bachelor leh Master degree zir mek, kum 17 leh 22 inkar te hnenah kum tin scho-larship a buatsaih sak thin a; a hlawm thumna Assured Opportunity for Research Careers hnuaiah kum 22 atanga 32 inkar research bei te hnen-ah sumfai chhawmdawlna a ruahman thung.

Kuminah hian Mizoram pumah INSPIRE Award dawng thei tur zirlai 802 an awm a, Aizawl District-ah 234; Lunglei District-ah 131, Saiha District-ah 15; Lawngtlai District-ah 106, Champhai District-ah 184, Ser-chhip District-ah 77, Kolasib District-ah 34 leh Mamit District atangin zirlai 21 an ni.

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