Chanchinthar Serchhip

ODF-a Serchhip District puan theih lohna chhan tur hmu lo

August thla tawp lama Serchhip District chhunga thingtlang khua te pawna inthiar awm tawh lohna, Open Defecation Free (ODF)-a puan an nihna State Level ODF Verification Team-in an endiknaah Serchhip District-a thingtlang khua te chu ODF-a puan a nih theih loha chhan tur hmu lovin Serchhip District chu ODF-a puang turin recommend a ni.

State Level ODF Verification team hian Multiple Sampling Method hmangin Serchhip District chhunga khaw 8-a in (household) 128 te chu a hmunah an endik a, Physical Verification Report hi State Level ODF Verification-in an endik leh hnuah Serchhip District chu ODF-a puang tura recommend a ni a, tunah hian Serchhip District hnena Certificate of Achievement pek buaipui mek a ni.

C.Lalrochhuanga, New Serchhip, Serchhip - 796181 Mizoram Contact: 8974286711

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