Chanchinthar Mizoram

Power Supply ṭhat loh vangin State Election Commission lâwm lo

Chakma Autonomous District Council Election atana inbuatsaihna chuan a vawrtawp a thleng a. Communication Trial Run nimin chhun dar 12 noon atanga chawhnu dar 2 neih chhung khan Chawngte area-ah power supply a mumal loh lutuk avangin leh a han awm zawk chhung pawha voltage a hniam lutuk avangin a khaihlak rei hle a. Hei vang hian State Election Commission a lawm lo hle.Poll-day bakah vote chhiar (counting day) thlengin power supply khamkhawp a awm ngei theihna turin State Election Commission chuan SE, P&E Department, Commission office-a thu ve turin Order a siam a, P&E Department atang pawhin atul apiang be pawpa, a tul anga a tlachawpa ruahmanna pawh siam pui turin Pu R.Lalrema, SE, Lunglei Power Circle chu E-in-C office atangin tirh a ni bawk.

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