Chanchinthar Kohhran Serchhip

Revival Crusade nei dawn

2018 Mizoram Legislative Assembly inthlan lo awm tur pualin Synod Revival Department hmalaknain Zoram pumah Revival Crusade beihpui thlak chhoh mek a ni a, New Serchhip Pastor Bial-ah pawh vawiin, August ni 1 aṭanga September ni 3 thleng hian Crusade hi neih a ni dawn a, Speaker-ah Pu R.Lalrinsanga hman a ni dawn a ni. Revival Crusade hi New Serchhip Kohhran Biak Inah zanin aṭangin zantin neih chhoh a ni dawn a ni.

C.Lalrochhuanga, New Serchhip, Serchhip - 796181 Mizoram Contact: 8974286711

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