Chanchinthar Mizoram

Sawhthing hralh zung zung theihna atan ruahmanna siam

Nimin chawhnu khan Planning Minister Pu Lalsawta hovin sawhthing chingtuten an sawhthing tharchhuahte an hralh chhuah zung zung theihna atan ruahmanna siam a ni.

Meeting-ah hian sawhthing chingtuten harsatna an tawh hrang hrang chipchiar taka sawiho niin an harsatna sutkian a nih theihna atan ruahmanna siam nghal a ni a, he ruahmanna hi rang taka hman nghal tura rel a ni bawk.

Sawhthing hralhna ṭanpui turin Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS) 23 ten chak takin hma la se tiin rel a ni a, Mizoram Agricultural Marketing Solution (MAMSOL) te, Aggregator leh Entrepreneur ten awlsam zawka sawhthing hralhna an buatsaih theih nan revolving fund hman nise tiin an rel a, hemi ruahmanna chak taka enkawl a, hma la tur hian Technical Committee din a ni dawn a ni.

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