Chanchinthar Mizoram

Silai leh a neitu nia puh man

Mizoram Police Special Narcotic P/S staff ten nizan hmasa dar 12 vel khan Aizawl Phunchawng ramhnuaiah AK 47 rifle 4 bakah, a mu 29 leh magazine 6 an man a, a neitu nia hriat Lalhuapzaua (45) Phunchawng veng inti pawh an man nghal.

Police te thil man hlut zawng hi `1610,150/- hû nia chhut a ni a, silai neitu Lalhuapzaua kut a\ang hian kum 2008 khan
Police ten AK 47 rifle 19 an man tawh a, heng ralthuam te hi Tuikuk hel leh Dimasa hel \angrualte ta tur ni a rin a ni.

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