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Simeone-a’n 2020 thleng Atletico-ah châm a tum

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone chuan Spanish Club tan hian kum 2 dang a contract a pawtsei.

Argentine kum 47 mi, Simeone-a’n Atletico-a a contract neih lai hi tun season tawp thleng chauh a ni tawh a, kum 2 dang a pawhsei leh takah chuan June 2020 thleng Atletico Madrid-ah hian a châm dawn a, tuna La Liga manager zingah chuan club ngaia manager ni rei ber a ni tawh a, kum 2011 aṭang khan Atletico hi a lo enkawl tawh a ni.

Atletico player hlui, Simeone hian Atletico Madrid hi kum 2104 khan Spanish League title a lakpui a, 2014 leh 2016 khan Champions League runner-up a nipui a, heng final pahnihah hian Real Madrid an hneh lo ve ve a, mahse 2012 khan Europa league title a lakpui bakah 2013 khan Spanish Cup a chawipui tawh bawk a ni.

March 2015 khan Simeone hian 2020 thleng Atletico-a cham hi a lo remti tawh a, mahse September 2016 khan Club nen inbe remin an contract neih lai an inremna chu kum 2-a tihtlem an remti leh a, mahse tunah chuan kum 2 dang pawhsei leh a remti ta a ni.

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