Chanchinthar Kohhran

Synod Bookroom-in an budget cheng nuai 196 chuangin khûm

Synod Book room chu kum kalta chhung khan a intodelh mai ni lovin an budget tinzawn chu cheng nuai 196 chuangin an khum.

Synod Bookroom hnathawkte hian Zirtawpni khan Zosaphluia Building, Mission Vengah Conference an hmang a. Conference Report atanga a lan danin kum kal ta khan Synod Bookroom hian nasa takin hma a sawn a. Kum hmasa lama Budget cheng nuai 520 chu khumin cheng nuai 716 chuang zet a thawkchhuak a. Budget khumna hi `196,22,262/- zet a ni. Kum kalta chhung khan `33,69,280 lai Synod Bookroom hian a hlep bawk.

Pawisa kum thara Synod Bookroom budget cheng nuai 610 chu pharh a ni a. Kum kal taa Synod Bookroom Branch ṭha thlanna result puan leh lawmman sem a ni a. Tehna hrang hrang pali-a inteh a nih hnuah Pakhatna- Chanmari Branch, Aizawl; Pahnihna- Bazar Branch, Aizawl; Pathumna: Bara Bazar Branch, Aizawl te an ni.

Kum 1911-a din Synod Bookroom hian tun dinhmunah Branch 12 a nei mek a, Distribution Centre 18 a enkawl mek bawk a ni.

C.Lalrochhuanga, New Serchhip, Serchhip - 796181 Mizoram Contact: 8974286711

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