Chanchinthar Serchhip

TZP-ten Flag dum an zâr

Tuichangral Zirlai Pawl (TZP) chuan nimin khan N.Vanlaiphai Damdawi In (PHC) leh SDO (Civil) Office-ah Flag dum an zar.

TZP chuan sawrkarin nikum September thla atanga tun thlengin N.Vanlaiphai PHC-ah Doctor a la dahlo tih sawiin, N.Vanlaiphai SDO(C) Office pawh kum 1998 a\anga tun thlengin la function mumal loh a nih thu leh a nghetin SDO(C) sawrkarin a la dahlo tih an sawi a, Sawrkar hnen-ah vawi tamtak ngenna an lo siam tawh thu leh an hun tiam March ni 12 hmaa an ngenna tihhlawhtlin a nih tak loh avangin Flag dum an zar ta tih an sawi.

C.Lalrochhuanga, New Serchhip, Serchhip - 796181 Mizoram Contact: 8974286711

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