Chanchinthar Infiamna

US Open khelh ṭan a ni

Nimin (nizan) aṭang khan Flushing Meadows, New York-ah US Open 2017 khelh ṭan a ni a, nizan lamah player langsar engemawzatin an khel a, zanin dar 11:45-ah Mipa No. 1 Rafael Nadal chuan D.Lajovic a hmachhawn ang a, tukin dar 4:30 hian Hmeichhe seeded no 2 Simona Halep leh Maria Sharapova te an inkhel bawk ang a, zanin dar 8:30-ah Top seed Karolina Pliskova leh M. Linette te an inkhel ang a. Naktuk zing lam dar 4:45-ah Seeded No. 3 Roger Federer chuan F.Tiafoe a hmachhawn dawn

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