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Serchhip khawpui chhung hmun hrang hrangah Parking Fees khawn an a ni dawn a, a hnuaia tarlan ang hian (Reserved Price as approved by STA, Aizawl) kum khat chhung atan tender koh a ni a, a chhâng duh chuan ni 08-09-2017 dar 12:00 Noon thleng thehluh theih a ni a, hemi ni vek dar 1:00pm-ah hawn nghal a ni ang. Tender chhânna form hi Rs.50/-in Office hun chhungin lei tur a ni a, hrechiang duh chuan District Transport Office, Serchhip-ah zawh chian theih a ni e.

Place Reserved
1  AREA-I  Education Complex (AOC) to PWD Peng
(Hall peng chhim lam side)
 Rs. 1500/-
per month
2  AREA-II  PWD peng to Beat Post hnuai (Venglai)  Rs. 2000/-
per month
3  AREA-III  Beat Post (Traffic Point, Venglai) to
Tripper Stand (Tuikhuah Veng lei
tlahniam bul)
 Rs. 2500/-
per month
4  AREA-IV  IOC to PWD IB peng  Rs. 100/-
per month
5  AREA-V  New Serchhip (College peng)  Rs. 200/-
per month


IPR No. C-08/2016-2017 (SCP)


District Transport Officer,
Serchhip District, Serchhip

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