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Delhi High Court-in sawrkar laipui hriattir

India News

Telecom Company 2-Vodafone leh Idea Cellular te chu anmahni huamchhung pawn lam a licence nei love 3G service an pek avanga cheng vbch 550 leh vbch 300 chawi tir tura a vau leh tilui zawng a hma la lo turin Delhi High Court in nimin khan sawrkar laipui a hriattir.

Hetiang bawk a Bharti Cellular Ltd. hrem tura tih anih avanga ngenna chungchang a Supreme Court thupek tarlangin Justice Rajiv Shakdher-a chuan, heng telecom company te hi licence an neihna pawn lam a mobile phone hmangtute 3G service an pek ti tawp tur a hriattirna a pek chu in vau zawng a bawhzui lo turin Dept of Telecommunication chu a ngen a. Hemi hma hian Supreme Court chuan hetiang bawk hian Bharati Cellular Ltd. lakah in vau leh tilui zawng a hma la lo turin sorkar laipui chu a lo hriattir tawh a ni.

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