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Kawngpui dang ping

India News

Manipur Students Union pawl 1 in National Highway 2 thiam chin awm lova an danpin chu nimin kha a ni 5 na niin, ṭhenawm State te atanga ma-mawh thil lakluh man te a sang hle.

Imphal-Jiribam-Silchar leh Imphal-Dimapur-Gauhati Highway tun thla ni 21 atanga dang pingtu Zeliangrong Students Union te hian Revolutionary People’s Front helpawl in zirlai hmeichhia 1 Alice Kamei-a’n rukbo chu an chhuah ngiatin Highway 2 hi an dangping a ni. Official te sawi danin, Manipur leh thenawm State te inkar a Transport Service a khaihlak avang hian nitin mamawh thil man te a to chak hle a ni.

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