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Kumtin Bank 7000 hawn ziah tum

India News

Sawrkar laipuiin ram chhung hmun hrang hrangah kumtin Bank Branch thar
7,000 hawn ziah a tum tih Union Finance Minister P. Chidam-baram-a’n a

Tamil Nadu Sivagangai Collectorate-a State Bank of India Branch thar a
hawnnaah Pu Chidambaram-a chuan sawrkar chuan nitin Bank Branch thar
20 hawn ziah a tum a, nakum March thla tawpah chuan ram chhunga Bank
zawng zawngin ATM an nei vek hman tawh ang, a ti.

Hei bakah hian Union Finance Minister chuan tun sawrkar kum chhung
hian loneitute hnenah Cheng Vbch 575000 Loan-in pek chhuah a ni ang, a
ti bawk.

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