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Margareth Thatcher vui liam

Tun thla ni 8-a thi, British Prime Minister hlui Margareth Thatcher chu nimin khan London-a St Pauls Cathedral ah state chawimawina famkim nen ropui taka vui a ni.

Pi Thatcher-i hi Kum 1979 leh 1990 inkar a British Prime Minister a ni a, Falkland indo lai a a rorum em avangin ‘Iron Lady’ ti a hriat lar a ni. Tun thla ni 8 khan kum 87 mi niin,  thluaka thisen zam chat avangin a thi a, nimina a vuina hun ah hian ram hrang hrang Prime Minister 11 leh Foreign Minister 17 bakah England Lalnu Queen Elizabeth pawh a tel a ni.

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