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Rel chuan man tisang

India News

Nimin sawrkar kum thar atang hian rel chuan man chi hrang hrang bakah reservation fee, superfast charge leh Tatkal Charge zat tih to a ni a, AC Class reservation fee chu `15 atanga 25 a tihto a nih laiin second class leh sleeper class reservation fee erawh chu a pangngai a la ni ang.

Superfast rel ah second class chuan man `5 a tovin sleeper class ah `10 in a tova, AC class chu `15-25 a tihsan a ni. Tatkal fee chu second class man atanga za a 10 a tihpun a ni a, AC Class ah chuan a man atanga za a 30 a tihpuan a ni. Heng bakah hian ticket class hrang hrang confirm tawh cancel leh man chu `10-50 ani dawn a, waiting list leh RAC ticket cancel man pawh `5-10 ani tawh ang

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