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Sawifiah turin hriattir

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Delhi a naupang pawngsual a nih duhlohna tunhnai a entirtute zing a tleirawl 1 Police Officer in a ben chungchang ah thil awmzia sawifiah turin Supreme Court chuan Delhi Police Commissioner a hriattir.

Justice GS Singhvi-a’n a ho bench chuan naupang kum 5 mi pawngsual anih duh lohna lantirna Delhi Hospital 1 a tunhnai a neih anih lai a Police Officer in tleirawl vawi 4 vel a ben chungchang ah Court a Affidavit thehlut turin Delhi Police hotu chu a hriattir a ni.

He thil bakah hian Aligarh a Police te’n hmeichhe kum 65 mi an khawih chungchang ah pawh Court chuan Uttar Pradesh Chief Secy chu Affidavit thehlut turin a hriattir a. Naupang kum 6 mi pawngsual hnu a thah anih duhlohna lantir na ah Police te’n he hmeichhia hi an khawih a ni.

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