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DoNER Project hrang hrang sawiho

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Ministry of DoNER hnuaia Mizoramin project a neih mek leh retained projects thehluh tur chungchang thlirletna leh sawihona chu State Planning Board Member Secretary Pu Haukhum Hauzel hovin Agriculture Committee Room-ah neih a ni.

He meeting pawimawh takah hian Project kal lai mek 58, a zavaia belhkhawmin cheng nuai 4000 chuang hu te chu chak zawka kalpui a nih theih nan leh retained projects 44-te tana sum sanction thuai a nih theih nan Department hotute nen chak zawka hmalak dan tur an sawiho a. Department aiawhte chu DPR zawng zawngte ennawna ziah ṭhat leh DoNER zawhnate chhanna tur chu June thla chhung ngeia peihfel hman tura hriattir an ni.

Non-Lapsable Fund atanga project kalpui pawimawh tak tak awm zinga thenkhatte chu :

1) Multi-level Parking – Rs. vbc. 12.98
2) TNT Mental Hospital – Rs. vbc. 4.94
3) High Court Building – Rs. vbc. 9.00
4) Hawla Stadium, Pitarte Tlang – Rs. vbc. 2.11
5) Establishment of Sainik School, Chhingchhip – Rs. vbc. 50.64
6) Upgradation of Lengpui Airport – Rs. 24.81 crores
7) State Sports Academy, Zobawk – Rs. vbc. 17.51
8) Construction of 100 Bedded Hospital, Saiha – Rs. vbc. 16.27

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