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Tanpuina sem khap nise ti

Eptu party te, All opposition Joint Parties chuan inthlanpui neih turah NLUP tiamin sawrkar \anpuina sem chi te sem khap ni se an ti.

MNF, ZNP, MPC leh BJP Mizoram te nimin khan inhmukhawmin inthlanpui ‘Model Code of Conduct’ huam chhungah Benefeciary awm thei thil reng reng, NLUP tiamin sorkar in a kalpui ni lo se tih memmorandum an siam a, hei hi New Delhi-a ElectionCommission of India-ah thehlutin Mizoram State Chief Electoral Officer pawh an pe a, hetianga an tih na chhan hi inthlanna rualkhai leh felfai zawk neih beiseina avang niin an sawi.

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