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Manipur-in PPP hmangin IIIT an hawng dawn

India News

Manipur-ah Indian Institute of Information Technology, IIIT, Public Private Partnership hmangin hawn a ni dawn tih Manipur Chief Minister Ikram Ibobi Singh-a’n a sawi.

Manipur Chief Minister chuan tunhnai lawkah sawrkar laipui Human Resource Development Ministry- in Mani pur an tlawh thu leh hemi ṭuma an sawihonaah Manipur-ah ram pum  huap zo zirna sang zawk zirna tur institution lian engemaw  ber din an rel thu a sawi a, he thutlukna bawhzuina kalzelah  IIIT hi Manipur-a Senapati-ah din a nih tur thu a s awi a ni.

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