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MDC bial 4 ruaka By-election neih dan tur sawiho

Mizoram News

Chief Secretary Pi L.Tochhong, State Election Commissioner ni bawk hovin State Election Commission Office-a Autonomous District Council pathum hnuaia MDC bial pali ruak a By-Election neih dan tur chungchang an sawiho a, By -Election tana inpuahchah lawkna hrang hrang an thlirho a ni .

Meeting-ah hian MDC bial 4-a By-Election neih hun tur chu Lok Sabha inthlan leh LADC hnuaia VC inthlanna neih zawh hnuah ni thei se an ti a, by-election atana EVM mamawh chungchangte, inthlanna senso chungchangte, inthlanna bik chungchangah LADC dan hmanlai siamṭhat chungchang te an sawiho a, Model Code of Conduct bu leh Presiding Officer te tana inkhaihhruiana bu SEC-in a siam chu an thlirho bawk a ni.

By-Election neih tur MDC bial te chu MADC hnuaia Tuipang II ; LADC hnuaia Lawngtlai Bazar leh Tuithumhnar bakah CADC hnuaia Borapansury II te an ni

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