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MJA (SD) hruaitu tur insiamfel

Serchhip News

Serchhip District MJA hruaitute pawh an insiamfel ta a, nimin tlai dar 3 khan TT Vision Production Manager Pu PC Vanlalhruaia In, Bazar ah charge inhlanna neiin February ni 14 a MJA General Headquarters ruahmannaa ONE DAY SEMINAR neih dan tur chung-chang an rel ho nghal.

Kum 2014 – 2015 chhung atana Serchhip District MJA hruaitu te chu :
President : Kapliana Pachuau Editor, Serchhip Times
Vice President : Lalremruata Ralte Editor, Ramlai Arsi
Treasurer : C.Lalhminghlua Editor, Laisuih
Gen. Secretary : C.Ramengmawia Editor, Lamkal
Secretary : R.Lalmuansanga Cameraman, TT Vision
Executive Committee Members:
1. PC Vanlalhruaia Production Manager, TT Vision
2. Zonunsanga Kawlni, Editor, Lenkawl
3. PC Zonunsanga Editor, Thenzawl Today
4. H.Lalbiakzauvi Editor, Serkhawpui
5. Thuamliana, Jt Editor, Ramlai Arsi

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