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Sawrkar laipuiin Supreme Court-ah Petition thehlut

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Sawrkar laipuiin nimin khan Prime Minister hlui Rajiv Gandhi a thahna case a tang mi 4 chhuah tumna titawp tura ngenna Supreme Court-ah a thehlut a. Apex Court chuan he petition hi ngaihtuah remti in, tun Ningani khian ngaihtuah nise a ti a ni.

Tarlan tawh angin, Tamil Nadu sawrkarin he case a mi 3 chhuah a tumna kaltlangpui rihlo turin Apex Court chuan kar kalta khan Tamil Nadu sawrkar chu a hriattir a, he case a thi tur a tih te’n khawngaih an dilna chungchang kum tamtak ngaihtuah anih lohna tlawh chhan a Supreme Court in damchhung tang tur a an chungthu a relsak hnu lawkah Tamil Nadu sawrkar chuan he case a tang mi 7 te chhuah turin thutlukna a siam a ni

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