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Lunghauka P/S Headmaster suspend

Mizoram News

Lai Autonomous District Council hnuaia Lunghauka Village Council inthlanna atana Presiding Officer atana ruat Lunghauka Primary School Headmaster Pu Porborai chuan Commission hriatpuina lova Returning Officer hna alo thawh avang leh inthlanna dan zawm lova Independent candidate 5-te nomination enfiah laia a hnawl avangin Pathianni khan Commission thupek angin LADC thuneitute chuan a hna aṭangin an suspend nghal.

Hemi avang hian Lunghauka Village Council seat 4 awm hnawhkhat tura nomination file a lo hnawl tawhte chu ennawn ṭhat leha midang ruala vawiina inthlanna nei turin Commission chuan thupek a chhuah bawk a, hei bakah hian Sawrkar hna aṭanga suspend tak Pu Porborai-a’n chuhtu awm lova tlinga a lo puan tawhte chu pawm a ni ta lo bawk a ni.

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