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NLUP sem chhunzawm chungchang

January ni 17, 2014-a NLUP Implementing Board thutlukna angin NLUP ṭanpuina dawngzui tlak leh review ngaite list February ni 7, 2014 hma-in mahni DC ṭheuh te hnenah khaw tina Committee ten submit tur tiin NIB in thuchhuah a siam a. He thutlukna dungzui hian hmutlaka ngaihte hnenah NLUP ṭanpuina sem chhunzawm mek a ni.

Sawrkar thuchhuah tarlan danin, khaw tam tak aṭanga hmu zawm tlak leh review ngaite report dawn a nih loh avangin duh angin ṭanpuina sem a kal chak thei lova. 2nd Phase beneficiary pawisa la dawng kim lo khua zawng zawng ten a hma thei ang berin mahni DC ṭheuhte leh NLUP office-ah thehluh tur a ni. Thehlut hmasa apiangte hnenah ṭanpuina sem chhunzawm a ni dawn a ni.

NLUP 3rd leh 4th Phase beneficiary te leh an Trade thlante review na March ni 10, 2014-ah neih a ni dawn a, he Trade review hi NLUP Implementing Board member te leh DC ten an buaipui ang a. Hemi chungchanga rawtna nei apiang ten DC emaw Implementing Board-ah thehluh tur a ni a. Trade review zawh veleh 3rd leh 4th Phase beneficiary te hnenah tanpuina sem chhunzawm a ni ang tih sawrkar thuchhuah chuan a tarlang bawk.

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