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Opposition Party hrang hrangten thawhho remti

Opposition party hrang hrang, – MNF, ZNP, MPC, MDF, HPC, Paite Tribes Council (PTC), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), BJP te chuan Lok Sabha leh Hrangturzo MLA Bye-Election bakah District Council Bye-election lo neih turah thawhho an tum a, an pawl hmingah United Democratic Front (UDF) vuahin inthlan an hmachhawn dawn.

Nimin khan Aizawla MNF Party Office Mizo Hnam Run-ah political party hrang hrang aiawhte hi kalkhawmin, thawhhona thuthlung hi an ziak a, an inremna ang chuan, Lok Sabha inthlannaah UDF candidate chuan Party pakhat Symbol hmang lovin, Election Commission of India (ECI) phalna angin Free symbol hman tir nise, an ti a. UDF candidate chuan hlawhtlinna a nei a nih chuan Central-a National Democratic Alliance (NDA) chu zawm se an ti a ni.

UDF meeting hian Hrangturzo biala MLA Bye-election lo awm turah pawh a tling thei tur mi ngei zawn nise an ti a, District Council pathumte-a Bye-election neih turah pawh thawhho zui zel ni se an ti a, Party hrang hrang hruaitute hi karleh Thawhṭanni khian an inhmukhawm ang a, candidate tur leh ṭul dang te an sawiho dawn a ni.

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