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Polling station venhim ngai zual bik 7-a tihhniam rawt

Champhai District Assembly bial 5-a Polling station venhim ngai zual bik 23 awm ṭhin chu ennawnin 7 chauh venhim ngai zual bika rawt a ni.

Nimin chawhnu khan Champhai DC Conference Hall-ah Addl. DC leh ERO Pu Zoengsanga kaihhruaina in Champhai District chhunga Vulnerable Polling Station leh Critical Polling Station chungchang thlirhona leh siamṭhat dan tur chungchang ngaihtuah a ni a, nikuma Assembly inthlana Critical Polling Station a puan tawhte chu ennawnin, heng polling stationah te hian inthlanna felfai takleh tluang taka neih a lo a nih tawh avang leh Sectoral Magistrate ten a hmun ngeiah kala uluk taka an enfiah hnuah hima an ngaih avangin venhim ngai bik tawh lohah an puang a, hetihlai hian Polling Station 7, Vaphai 1 & 11, Saikhumphai, khawkawn, Mimbung 1, Vaikhawtlang leh Lungtan Polling Station te chauh chu Critical Polling Station a puang turin rawtna siam nise an ti a ni.

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