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Tuikuk Relief Camp-a vote thlak Tripura sawrkarin buaipui dawn

Election Commission of India thupek anga Tripura Relief Camp-a awm Tuikuk vote neite’n Mizoram Lok Sabha seat khat inthlanna atana Relief Camp-a vote an thlak chu Mizoram election department-in buaipui lovin Tripura sawr-kar official te’n an buaipui dawn.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer Pu H.Lalengmawia sawi danin Tripura relief camp-a awm Tuikukho hian Election Commission duhdan angin postal ballot hmangin vote an thlak dawn a. Vote an thlakna hmuna venhimna leh vote thlak hrim hrim hi Tripura sawrkar official-te’n an buaipui vek dawn a ni. Mizoram aṭangin a viltu tur Official 4/5 vel tirh a ni ang a. Tuikuk hovin vote an thlak zawh veleh vote thlakna atana an hman ballot box chu Mizoram panpui nghal a ni ang a. May ni 16-a vote chhiar hun-ah ballot box-a vote tlate hi hawng-in chhiar a ni ve dawn a ni.

Tuna Tripura Relief camp-a Tuikuk awm zingah hian mi 11,390-in Mizoramah vote an nei a. Vote neite hi district 3, Mamit, Kolasib leh Lunglei-a assembly bial 9 a vote neite an ni a. Mamit district bial 3, Hachhek, Dampa leh Mamit biala vote nei hi an vaiin 8,903 niin an tam ber a. Kolasib district-a Kolasib, Serlui leh Tuirial biala vote neite hi 1,743 an ni a; Lunglei district-a Lunglei South, Thorang leh West Tuipui bial-a vote neite chu 744 an ni thung.

Mizoram a tlawmngai pawl hrang hrangte chuan Tuikuk te hi Tripura ah vote thlak tir tawh lova, vote an neih-na hmun Mizo-ram chhung ngeiah vote thlak tir tawh turin Election Commission ah ngenna an thlen a, Commission-in Home Ministry a biak rawn hnuah Home Ministry thurawn angin Tripura-ah vote thlak leh turin a ti leh ta tho va. Chief Minister Pu Lal Than-hawla’n ziaka Election Commission a ngenna pawhin awmzia a nei chuanglo niin a lang.

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