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Froch-a’n boxing a chawlhsan ta

British boxer, world super-middleweight-a ṭum 4 lo champion tawh, Carl Froch chuan boxing a chawlhsan ta.
Kum 38 mi, Froch hian mi 35 a hnekah mi 33 a hneh a, mi 24 te chu a knock-out nghe nghe a, May 2014-a WBA leh IBF title fight-a Georges Groves a knock-out hnu khan inhnekpui nei leh lovin Boxing hi a chawlhsan ta a ni.

Froch chuan, “Kar kalta khan kum 38 ka tling ta a. Ka ruh chuktuah te hi a na ve ta a ni. Mamawhna a awm a nih chuan inhnek leh chu ka la thei a, mahse min tiphûrtu a awm tawh lo a ni,” tiin a sawi.

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