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Maharastra-in Plastic Bottle-a zu zawrh khap dawn

Maharastra chuan April ni 1 aṭang khian Plastic Bottle hmanga zu zawrh chu a khap dawn a, hei hi a chhan chu zu in mite hriselna a khawih pawi an hlauh vang a ni tih Maharastra sawrkar chuan Bombay High Court a hrilh.
Sawrkarin January ni 11, 2016-a thutlukna a siam chungchang hi Sawrkar Ukil chuan Court hi a hrilh a, he thil rawn irhchhuahna chu NGO pakhat, Global Enviro Solutions-in PIL an thehluh aṭanga he thu hi rawn chhuak a ni a, Global Enciro Solution-in PIL an thehluhah chuan plastic bottle-a zu dah hian a intute-ah cancer a thlen thei tih an sawi a, Plastic bottle te hi a hman theih hun chhung emaw, a thih hun emaw ziah a ni lova, plastic bottle-a zu dahah hian carcinogenic-ah a chang thei tih an sawi a ni.

PIL thehluttute hian sawrkar laboratory, National Test House report pawh thil telin, chutah chuan plastic bottle-a zu dahah hian Antimonity (poisonous chemical) nasa takin a pung tih tarlan a ni bawk a ni.

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