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Signboard târna tur dawng dawn

Mizoram chhunga Sub-Hqrs., Group leh Branch YMA an huamchhung luidung humhalh ṭha Central YMA Office-a in report-te Central YMA chuan an luidung humhalh chhunga signboard an tar nan Rs.3,000/- ṭheuh pek turin a rel.
Sub-Hqrs. YMA huamchhung Branch-te chuan Sub-Hqrs. YMA kaltlangin ṭanpuina hi dawn tur a ni dawn tih Central YMA thuchhuah chuan a sawi a, Sub-Hqrs. YMA, Serchhip hnuaia Branch 17-in signboard tarna tur hi an dawng dawn a, Tawitlang Group huam chhunga Branch 9-in an dawng dawn a, Vantawng Group hnuaia branch  13 leh Tuichangral South Group hnuaia Branch 12-in an dawng ang.

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