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CM hovin Cabinet Meeting neih a ni

Nimin tlai dar 3 khan Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla kaihhruaina hnuai-ah Council of Ministers chuan New Secretariat Complex -a Chief Secretary’s Conference Room-ah meeting neiin, thurel tur tam tak chhawpchhuahte zinga engemaw zah a pawmpui.


Heng thurel chhawp chhuah zinga meeting in a pawmpuite chu – DP&AR in Commerce & Industries Department hnuaia Joint Director (Accounts) Post 1 (pakhat) Mizoram Finances & Account Service Rules, 2008 hnuaia rin luh te, Mizoram State Legal Services Authority (MLSA) hnuaia sawrkar hna 38 siam thar Law & Judicial Department a rawtna te, Law & Judicial Department-in a buatsaih Mizoram State Legal Services Authority (Ammendment) Regulation, 2017 te, Mizoram Police Service hnathawk post-a JAG leh Selection grade post ṭhenkhat te zirchianga, siam-ṭhat ngai siamṭhat a, post hmingthlâk ngai te thlâka Mizoram Police Service ruangâm leh inremkhawm dan siam danglam Home department-in a dilna te pawmpui a ni.


Hei bakah hian Vairengte rama MIFCO ram Varengte Police Station hmunhma atana thlak Home Department-in an dilna pawh pawmpui a ni a, Agriculture Department-in vawi khat atan chauha Government of Mizoram Regularization of Contract Employees Scheme, 2008 chhunga Para 4(2) danin ziak thahdul a dilna pawh pawmpuiin, PHE Department-in dân hman thar a rawt pakhat Draft Standard Bidding document (for procurement of works contract in 2 Bid System) chu pawmpui a nih bakah PHE Department hming thlak tawh pawh an hming ngai, PHE Department tia thlak lêt leh rawtna pawh an pawmpui bawk.


Social Welfare Department-in Government of Mizoram Regularization of Contract Employees Scheme, 2008 chhunga Para 4 (2) dan in ziak thahdul a dilna an pawmpui a, Social Welfare Department-in Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Rules, 2017 a buatsaih (Draft) pawm pawmpuiin, General Administration Department-in The Mizoram (Election to Sinlung Hills Development Council) Rules, 2017 a ruahman te a pawmpui bawk.

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