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Empanelled Firm tihchhuah tharah Serchhip atangin Khampat Media

Nimin khan Finance Department chuan Consultancy Firm hrang hrangte Empanelled an nihna order a tichhuak a, Serchhip atangin Khampat Media pawh Empanelled Firm zingah hian a tel ve a ni.
Ni 17.7.2017-a Empanel-ment Board thukhawm rawtna angin Project Development & Construction Works hnuaiah firm 17 empanelled thar niin, Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) hnuaiah firm 17 empanelled thar an ni a, Information Communication Technology including software development hnuaiah firm 5 empanelled thar an ni bawk.

Khampat Media hi Information Communication Technology hnuaiah hian empanelled niin, anni hian website siam leh bulk SMS service an pek chhuah bakah, nitin chanchinbu Zothlifim pawh hi an hnuaia unit pakhat a ni a, Khampat Media hian Android Application engemawzat an lo siam tawh bawk a ni.

Mizoram Sawrkar hnuaia empanelled firm te hi Sawrkar department engpawhin No Objection Certificate lâk kher ngai loin direct-in an mamawh-na zawnah an dawr thei a ni.

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