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Salvation Army hotu Aizawlah

Khawvel huapa Salvation Army hotulu ber dawttu, International Headquarters London-a Chief of the Staff Commissioner Brian Peddle naktuk thleng cham turin Zirtawpni khan Mizoram a lo thleng.

Commissioner Brian Peddle hian Inrinni khan Territorial Officer Council Ramhlun Corps-ah a neihpui a, officer thawklai, chawl tawh leh zirlai mi 292 te nen hun an hmang a, Inrinni zan khan Bethlehem Corps-ah a inkhawm a, nimin, Pathianni khan Territorial Commander Commissioner Lalzamlova leh Territorial President of Women’s Ministries Commissioner Nu-i te dahnghehna Aizawl Temple ah a nei bawk.

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