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Thentlang G&SA an Champion

July ni 14 aṭanga khelh ṭan Serchhip District Volleyball Association-in an buatsaih Serchhip District Volleyball League chu Inrinni khan zawhfel niin a pumpui-ah Thentlang G&SA chu an champion

He League-ah hian Serchhip Town chhung aṭanga team 5 an tel bakah Bungtlang, Thentlang leh Thenzawl aṭangin team pakhat ṭheuh an tel a, Best Spiker-ah Vanlalhriata, Thentlang G&SA thlan a ni a, Best Defender-ah Zairem-mawia, Vengchung Volleyball Club leh Best Setter-ah Saitluanga, Thentlang G&SA te thlan an ni.

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