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Canelo-a’n world title a lâk belh

Mexican boxer ropui, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez chuan nimin khan Las Vegas-ah Round 11-naah Sergey Kovalev knock-out-in, WBO light-heavyweight title a lak belh leh.

Midddleweight king kum 29 mi, Canelo hian Russian kum 36 mi, Kovalev hmachhawn tur hian a weight division chu pahnihin a tisang a, heti chung hian hnehna changin tunah chuan Canelo hian weight division pali-ah world title a la ta a ni.

Canelo hian hian 139lbs-in kum 15 mi ni chungin kum 2005 khan professional boxing-ah a zuang lut a, tuna world title a lak hma hian light-middleweight, middleweight leh super-middleweight title a lo la tawh a, Canelo hian Floyd Mayweather chu kum 2013 khan a hneh lo a, mi 56 a hnek tawhah Mayweather chiah hi hneh loh a la nei nei a ni.

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