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LP Lalchangkima, Regional Manager, State Bank of India Regional Business Office, Aizawl chuan thuchhuah siamin, Mizo Overseas Employment Agencies hminga Partnership Registration nei, J.Rosangpuia leh Malsawmtluangpuii te, SBI MUTUAL FUND hminga B.Sangchema Bulding, Upper Khatla-a ofiice hawng a, Media lamahte SBI Mutual Fund hmanga advertisement titute chu State Bank of India hriatpuina a ni lo tih a tarlang.

Regional Manager thuchhuah chuan Mizoram hmun hrang hranga SBI hminga Mutual Fund investment an lo zawrh ṭhin pawh SBI hriatpuina a ni lo tih a tarlang a. Customer-te hnena 24% interest return an tiam chu SBI chuan a duh lo tih sawiin, Investment zawrh chhuahna diklo (mis-selling) leh mipuite bumna a ni, a ti a. Mutual Fund Investment hi Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) hnuaiah Application Reference Number (ARN) code nei te chauhin mipuite hnena an zawrh theih a ni tih tarlangin, he firm hian ARN Code an nei lo tih a tarlan bakah SBI Mutual Fund office hi ARN Code nei tan pawh mahni duhthu-a hawn phal a ni lo tih mipuite a hriattir tih a sawi a, Mutual Fund Investment ah Interest rate fix theih a ni lo tih sawiin, hetianga diklo taka Mutual Fund Investment zuartute lakah mipuite fimkhur lehzual turin a chah a ni.

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