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Gas rate thar

IOCL revised Retail Selling Price tihchhuah angin, Mizoram chhung khaw hrang hrang a 14.2 Kg Domestic Subsidised Rate leh 19 Kg Commercial Rate chu May ni 1, 2020 aṭanga hman ṭan turin bithliah thar a ni a, rate tharah chuan Vairengte tih loh District dang zawngah Domestic 14.2 Kgs, chu Rs.668.50 a ni ang a, Commercial Cylinder 19 Kgs, chu Rs.1337.50 a ni ang. Vairengte-ah chuan Domestic 14.2 Kgs, chu Rs.660 a ni ang a, Commercial Cylinder 19 Kgs, chu Rs.1314.50 a ni ang. 4.2 Kg. te hi Home Delivery a hralh dawn chuan Rs.70.00 belh zel tur a ni a, Godown a hralh dawn erawh chuan Rs.27.60 zel paih thung tur a ni a. Point Delivery a semchhuah a nih chuan rate tarlan bakah Rs.7.53 belh tur a ni.

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