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Candidate zingah ka tha ber:Vanlalruata

Nimina PC Party Campaign Committee ṭhukhawm chuan Serchhip bial by-election atan March 30, 2021-ah Nomination file nise tiin, karleh aṭangin campaign rusum thlak turin an rel bawk.

Meeting-ah hian PC Party Official Candidate Vanlalruata chuan, “Serchhip bial MLA bye election lo awm tura Candidate-te zingah Serchhip bial enkawl turin ka ṭha ber,” a ti a, “Serchhip bial mipuite hamṭhatna leh hmasawnna phuhruksak turin kei tluka a ngaihna hria leh hmangchang hria candidate te zingah an awm lova, Serchhip bial MLA ni turin ka tling ber a ni,” a ti bawk.

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