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Ramri chungchanga zawhna chhâng tawh

Home Minister Lalchamliana chuan Ministry of Home Affairs-in ramri chungchânga Mizoram sawrkâr ngaihdàn a rawn zawh chu nikum October 16 khân an chhâng tawh niin a sawi.

Nimina Assembly session-a Independent member Dr Vanlalthlana zawhna chhângin Home Minister chuan, Zophaia 1st IR police ho awmna building chu siam/thawm ṭhat mek niin a sawi a, kum 2019-2020 leh 2020-2021 chhûnga SEDP allocation pumpui aṭanga teha Home department-in sum a dàwn zât percentage chu zàa 0.40 niin a sawi a. Inner Line of the Lushai Hills Notification no. 2106 AP dated 9th March, 1933 behchhana Survey of India in map an siam chu a awm a, boundary dang ang chuan final map buatsaih a la ni lo a, Survey of India in he map an siamah hian a ram leilung-a state sorkâr pahnihte remtihna ve ve tih chianna tun thlengin a la awm lo niin a sawi.

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