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Remsiami leh India team thlawp turin mipuite sâwm

Sports & Youth Services Minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan Olympic-a tel tur, Lalremsiami leh India Team-te duhsakna sâng ber a hlan thu a sawi a, Mizo Nula Lalremsiami leh India team te thlawp tlat turin mipuite a sawm a ni.

Nimin khan a Office chamber-ah Sports Authority of India (SAI)-in Tokyo Olympic atana India Olympic Official T.Shirt a rawn thawn a semna hun a hmang a, Union Sports Ministry ruahman angin CM, Dy CM, Speaker, Dy Speaker, Minister te, Sports Department hotute, Olympian C.Lalrem-sanga leh Coach-te sem an ni dawn a ni.

Sports Minister chuan sawrkar laipui duh danin State tinah Olympic tihlâr nan leh India Team support-na tihlar nan Mizoram State Sports Council pawhin hmun hrang hrangah photo booth leh Selfie point-te a siam tih a sawi a, Sports Department chuan mipuite chu photo booth-ah te thla laa Indian Olympic Team-te thlawpna Social Media-ahte tilang uar turin an sawm bawk a ni.

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