FMGE&W-in CMRF-ah cheng nuai 70.61 chhûng lût

Mizoram sawrkar hnathawk inzawmkhawm pawl lian ber Federation of Mizoram Govt. Employees & Workers (FMGE&W) chuan nimin khan Covid-19 hrileng avanga harsatna tawkte puihna turin an ni khat hlawh thawhkham aṭangin a thawh thum nan Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for Covid-19 a chhunluh turin Rs.70,61,600 chu Chief Minister Zoramthanga hnenah a pisaah an hlan a, hetihian a hmalama an lo pek tawh nen Rs.5,70,61,600/- an chhunglut ta a ni.

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