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Thangkhiew kahhlum dan chhui tur Judicial Inquiry din

Meghalaya sawrkar chuan HNLC hel pawl General Secretary hlui, Cheristarfield Thangkhiew-a kahhlum a nih dan chhuitu tur Judicial Inquiry a din kaihruai turin, Judge hlui, Justice T.Vaiphei-a a ruat a, Justice T. Vaiphei hi Meghalaya Human Rights Commission Chairperson nilai a ni.

State Chief Minister, Conrad K.Sangma chuan Commission of Inquiry Dan hnuaiah State Human Rights Commission aiin Judicial Inquiry-in thuneihna a nei sang zawk tih a sawi a, Thangkhiew chhungte chuan Judicial Inquiry din a ni chu lawmawm an tih thu sawiin thudik hailan a nih ngei an beisei thu an sawi a ni.

Thangkhiew chhungte hian tun thla ni 13-a police-ten Thangkhiew thihna thlennaa pawikhawihtu dapchhuah beihpui thlaknaa kaihruaitu police official 2 lakah FIR an thehlut a ni.

Tarlan tawh angin Thangkhiew thihna thlen avang hian Meghalaya Home Minister Lakhmen Rymbui chuan he thil thlenga thu dik hai lan a nih theih nan a nihna aṭanga banna a lo thehlut tawh a ni.

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